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Tired of Calling Subs?

Are you a school administrator or a teacher? Then you probably know the headache it can be to get a sub in the classroom. With Tagg, we simplify the process so that your classrooms are covered by high-quality subs. No more early morning phone calls or emails! Similar to a ride-sharing service, Tagg allows you to select, schedule and rate independent contractor subs with ease using our web-based application.

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Why use Tagg at your school?


Tagg recruits high quality subs so that every classroom is in good hands every day.


Teachers can request subs based on skills, experience, interests and star rating.


We make it convenient for teachers to schedule subs when they need them. 


Tagg integrates with Stripe to make paying subs automatic, simple, and seamless.

Key Tools

  • Create a job request for one or multiple days
  • Independent contractor subs
  • Send requests to many subs or a single sub

  • Adjust pay rates as needed
  • Upload lesson plans for each job
  • Job notifications and in-app messages
  • Easily manage jobs and print reports
  • Rate subs following the job
  • Automatic payments to subs

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How do I request a sub through Tagg?

In a few clicks, a teacher or school selects a day for coverage and finds a sub based on preset preferences or a customized search. Tagg will automatically notify users about changes to job statuses via text, email, or in-app messaging.

How do I know the quality of a sub?

Tagg uses a five star rating system as well as sub profiles to indicate their skills and experience. This helps teachers know the quality of a sub before they send a request. Tagg also requires subs to go through a background check and written interview process.

What does Tagg’s sub pool look like?

Tagg recruits subs from various backgrounds – from new teachers to engineers to stay at home parents. For this reason, we will be able to provide schools with access to a large and diverse sub pool.

Are Tagg subs independent contractors?

Tagg subs are considered independent contractors. They are not employees of either your school or Tagg. Rather they work for themselves and decide when and where they would like to sub.

How will Tagg subs be paid?

When you sign up to use Tagg, you will connect a bank account or debit card with our partner payments system, Stripe. Similar to Paypal, this will allow Tagg to automatically facilitate all payments to subs based on the jobs your school creates.

Is Tagg a phone application?

No, Tagg is a web-based application. While it can be used via a web browser on your smartphone, it is built to be accessed on a desktop or laptop computer.

How much does it cost to use Tagg?

Tagg charges a service fee on each transaction based on the pay rate a school chooses to pay for a sub. For every job scheduled, the school pays Tagg a 25% service fee based on the total cost of the job as well as a 1.24% transaction fee for automated payments.

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– James Irwin Charter Schools 
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