Setting Up Your Sub Profile

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Account Setup and Profile Creation

Once logged into your account, 4 pop-ups will appear asking you to add information. Fill out all the fields in each step and move on.

  • Minimum Pay- The amount you are willing to work for a job
    • Important to Remember: The higher your minimum pay, the less job requests you will receive. If you aren’t getting very many job requests, it may be that your pay rate is set higher than most schools’ pay rates. If your rate is too high for schools, you will not appear as an available sub for them.
  • Max Distance from Home- The distance, in miles, you are willing to travel from home to get to a job
    • Important to Remember: The smaller your radius, the less job requests you will receive. If your radius is not very expansive, you may not have access to many schools. You will not appear as an available sub for a school unless it is within your set radius. To get more jobs, consider widening your radius to include more schools. They all need your help!
  • Grade and Subjects- The grades and subject your are interested in subbing for
  • Communication Preferences- Check all of the ways you wish to receive job notifications. You can choose any combination of email, text, or phone call.
  • Phone notification verification- If you have selected text or phone as a communication preference, you will need to verify your phone number in this step. Enter your phone number and then you will receive a 6 digit code via text.

  • Enter this code on the next pop-up. Once you complete this step, you are all set receive notifications on your phone!

  • Payment Processing- Next setup your payment details in order to receive automatic payments. Once you securely provide your debit card or banking information to Stripe, you will be redirected back to Tagg to finalize your profile.

Awesome! You’ve completed most of your account. You should now be taken to your profile screen. This is where subs can learn a little bit more about you.

  • Picture- Upload a square picture of yourself by clicking on the image section and clicking “upload picture”. Rectangular images will appear distorted. File must be in jpeg or png format.
  • Bio- Tell people a little about yourself here with a short bio.
  • Grades and Subjects- You can also edit your grades and subjects here as well by simply clicking the drop down list.