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View Job Details

View jobs

  • To view your jobs, you can either look at your Calendar or navigate to the Jobs tab in the left menu bar
  • Here you will see accepted, offered, and recent jobs

  • To view more information about a job in any of these columns, hover over the job details and click when it is highlighted in dark gray.
  • A pop-up will appear with more information.
  • In the Calendar, click on the job day you would like to know more about and a pop-up will appear with more information.

Canceled jobs

  • While you will always receive an in-app message if a teacher cancels a job, you might also receive an email or text depending on your communication preferences.
  • Canceled jobs will disappear from your calendar immediately.

How to Cancel a Job

  • While you are able to cancel a job by viewing job details, we highly encourage you to avoid doing so. Only cancel a job in the case of an emergency.
  • Canceling 3 jobs or more is grounds for removal from the Tagg application.
  • Try to only accept jobs that you know you will be available for.