What Should I Include In My Profile?

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What To Include In Your Profile

If you’re wondering how to get more jobs, updating your profile is a great way to boost your request rates. Why? Teachers are more inclined to hire someone they feel comfortable with. They want to know who you are before you come into their classroom. Check out a few things you can include in your bio to increase your visibility:


1. Introduce yourself: “Hi, my name is …”
2. Provide a brief work history: “I’ve spent the last 4 years in the marketing industry…”
3. Tell them why you want to be a sub: “While I enjoy marketing, I have always had a passion for kids. Every year, I help run a summer camp…”
4. Make sure to add your interests: “writing, singing, history, baking…”
5. Upload a picture: Make sure you look presentable, dress professionally, and smile!