When Will I Get Paid?

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When Will I Get Paid?

Now let’s answer the question you really care about: “When will I get paid?”.

Payments may take up to two weeks to process. Job transactions automatically forward to Stripe, our payment partner, 7 days after the job occurs. This gives school admin a chance to cancel the transaction in case there is a discrepancy with the job.

After this, it will take an additional 7 days to process fully. Unless a teacher approves the transaction earlier than the automatic 7 day period, it will take the full14 days.

When you “view payment details” from your profile, you will be taken to a screen that shows your current balance and recent payments. It will also say “payments are made daily”. This simply means that as soon as the 7 day process is finished, regardless of the day it is completed, you will be paid. It does NOT mean, you will be paid the day your job occurs.