When Will I Get Paid?

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When Will I Get Paid?

Now let’s answer the question you really care about: “When will I get paid?”.

The typical payment period takes between 14 to 19 days from the day the job occurred. First, it processes in Tagg for 7 days, then it will process in Stripe for an additional 7-12 days. The reason it works this way is so that schools are able to cancel a transaction in Tagg if they notice a discrepancy (e.g. the sub never actually showed or didn’t stay for a full day). When it says “Payments made daily” in Stripe, this simply means that your money will be deposited on the day that the above process ends.

Please understand that we do not have control over how long Stripe takes to process payments. For this reason, sometimes deposits may take longer than usual. Stripe does not process payments on Saturday and Sunday, so jobs that occur on Friday may take longer. Additionally, most banks deposit payouts into accounts as soon as they are received, but some may take a few extra days to make them available. Please let us know if you have any other questions about payments. We are happy to help!