How Coffee is Teaching Kids Math, Marketing, and More

Students do their homework at a coffee shop

A school in Kentucky has implemented a new learning experience and we bet you can’t guess what it is. Thanks to a partnership with J.C. Mercantile, a local shop that imports and sells Brazilian goods, Wurtland Middle School kids get to play baristas every week. That’s right, fifth graders are practicing how to brew and sell coffee.

The students spent one morning learning the tricks of the trade from Oziander Nunes who works with Jason and Carma Crum, owners of J.C. Mercantile, to sell his coffee in the United States. He taught the students how to use a roaster and make the perfect cup of joe. The Crums met with the students as well, reviewing core business fundamentals to set their coffee venture up for success. They discussed a range of topics, from startup culture to strategy.

So far, the school business, which students call Warrior Cafe, has been a big hit. Once a week, the school chooses a few students to run the mobile coffee cart and wheel it around the halls. Teachers and staff love spending money to support their students and also raise funds for the school. Each student is assigned a role and learns a new aspect of running a small business. These positions include marketer, cashier, barista, and even janitor.

With their new coffee business, Wurtland Middle School continues to teach curriculum subjects such as applicable math, social studies, and economics. However, students are also learning core customer service skills which can easily be used once they enter the job field.

We love the way Wurtland came up with such a creative way to teach students real-world lessons. With this experience under their belts, these students will know that it is possible to run a business themselves. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what these little entrepreneurs come up with!



Source: https://bit.ly/2DLBcas


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