November Sub of the Month

Substitute in blue shirt smiles on wood background

Our November Sub of the Month is Caitlin Matty! Caitlin joined Tagg in August 2019 and has since worked at many Tagg partner schools. She loves to travel and enjoys building relationships with others, especially her students. Read our interview with Caitlin below!

Tell us a bit about yourself

As a life long learner and observer, I’ve always been curious about human connection, relationships and societies. I studied theatre at West Virginia University and went on to experience immense transformation while traveling and tutoring. I studied early childhood education and taught kindergarten at a private school in Jaipur, India. I also tutored students in English and tennis in Italy. I returned to Colorado in 2018 and went on to study yoga at Root Yoga where I received my yoga teacher training and certification. It has been amazing to study, travel and learn from different people and perspectives.

Why did you decide to be a substitute teacher?

 I decided to be a substitute teacher because I love to teach and learn from students. It is great to be able to, hopefully, positively affect the lives of students. 

What do you love most about substitute teaching?

I love building rapport with students and encouraging them even if they’re having a tough time because I love to see them succeed and be happy.

Do you have a favorite grade or subject that you like to teach and, if so, why?

I enjoy all the grades and I probably enjoying teaching the arts, literature and history the most. 

If you had to give any advice to a new substitute teacher what would it be?

Show the students how you want them to behave through your own behavior; if you want students to respect you then you have to respect them. Also, realize, there is a lot to learn from students and other teachers if you remain open and aware. 


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