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Substitute and student smile beside Tagg behavior coupon

Subs, have you been struggling to keep control of your classes? Well, we have a new free resource for you! Try our Tagg Substitute Behavior Coupons! Studies show that reinforcing positive behavior is one of the most effective ways to manage a classroom.

Rather than punish students who are chatty or disruptive, try rewarding students who are respectful and engaged. When the rest of the class sees someone else being recognized for acting well, they are likely to try an mirror their behavior.

With our Tagg Substitute Behavior Coupons you can make students feel valued. Not only that, but teachers will know who to award for being good while they were gone. Teacher’s you can help a substitute out too by including these in your sub binder or simply leaving them on the desk to be used.

How it Works

  1. Pay attention to who is behaving favorably
  2. Fill out a coupon with the date, the name of the student you want to recognize, and your signature
  3. Show the student that you have filled it out and, perhaps, give them a small prize like a fun eraser, pencil, or sticker
  4. Leave it on the teacher’s desk so they can see who behaved well when they get back

Download the free Tagg Substitute Behavior Coupon HERE!


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