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Try Our Substitute Behavior Coupons

Subs, have you been struggling to keep control of your classes? Well, we have a new free resource for you! Try our Tagg Substitute Behavior Coupons! Studies show that reinforcing positive behavior is one of the most effective ways to manage a classroom. Rather than punish students who are chatty or disruptive, try rewarding students…
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3 Unique Classroom Management Tips

When it comes to education, you can never stop practicing classroom management. After all, students will always misbehave. The question is, “how will you deal with it when they do?” You are probably familiar with certain guidelines such as modeling good behavior and establishing consistent rules. While these tools are great, they can be hard…
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Three students with substitute teacher in the background.

Using “I” Statements

You know the situation. There is one student, let’s call him Daniel, who has been whispering to his buddy all class long. Now it’s starting to distract other students too. The teacher decides to address him about the disruption and says, “Daniel, don’t talk during my lesson. You are making it difficult to teach.” At…
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Students raise their hands and smile in classroom

Establish Classroom Expectations

As a substitute or teacher, it is important to establish your expectations at the beginning of class. Maintaining a balance between your authority and your connection with students can be difficult, but these simple techniques can help you do both! Help Yourself Out: Create Your Own Poster When you enter a teacher’s classroom, you may…
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Students raise their hands in a classroom.

10 Classroom Attention Grabbers

If you’re a sub, getting the attention of a distracted class can be tricky. That is why many teachers rely on visual and auditory exercises to refocus their classes. After you accept a job, message the teacher and ask if the students are familiar with any particular attention grabbers. This way, you’ll know what to…
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Students joke while substitute instructs in the background

Classroom Management Tips for Subs

Any substitute teacher you ask will tell you that classroom management is the most challenging aspect of the job. It’s true, maintaining control of 30 students you have just met is certainly not an easy task. Depending on the grade, some student’s may have had years of practice learning exactly how to undermine a guest…
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