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Our Tagg Story: How it All Started

One Teacher’s Idea Looking to pursue an interest in business, Trevor left the teaching profession in 2017. He didn’t, however, leave education completely. Instead, he used the same determination and passion to create a product that would help the very teachers he once worked with. Having experienced it many times himself, Trevor knew the challenge…
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Pregnant teacher wearing face mask writes on whiteboard

Tagg Helps Schools Find Long Term Subs

Need a sub for longer than a day? As you likely know by now, Tagg recruits and manages a large pool of independent contractor subs. Like Uber, we use the gig-economy model to make sure schools in your area never have to worry about shifting staff around or joining different classrooms together. Most of our…
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Chalkboard with "help needed!" message.

The Cost of Teacher Turnover

Do you experience teacher turnover during the Summer? Teacher turnover is becoming more common as less college students go into education and even fewer stick around. Did you know that 6 of 10 new teachers hired every year replace educators leaving the classroom before their retirement? This doesn’t even account for the roughly 9% of…
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Teacher and students wear face masks during pandemic

Responding to the Substitute Teacher Crisis During the Pandemic

What Schools Are Doing To most schools nationwide, the substitute teacher crisis is not new. In fact, a majority of districts across the country struggled to maintain a steady supply of subs even before the pandemic started. According to a survey conducted by EdWeek Research Center, just 54% of about 250,000 teacher vacancies were filled…
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Sick teacher uses Tagg mobile in bed

Timing Is Everything

Calling all teachers! Did you know that with Tagg over 95% of jobs get filled if the request is sent at least 12 hours in advance? Jobs that are sent the morning a sub is needed, on the other hand, have a 50% or less chance of being picked up. Timing is everything. We know…
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Substitute teacher smiles while working at desk

How to Keep Your Best Substitutes Coming Back

As the school year comes to a close, now is a great time to think of ways to keep your best substitutes coming back next Fall. We’ve gathered several ideas to serve your substitutes well and encourage them to keep covering your classes well into the school year. Prepare with Your Students Rules Board One…
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Binders and pens with teacher in the background

Creating a Substitute Binder

Calling all teachers! If you don’t already have a substitute binder, we highly suggest you consider making one. Substitute binders are extremely helpful to guest teachers and are sure to keep the quality one’s coming back. What to Include Welcome Letter: The “Welcome Letter” should be the first page of any substitute binder. Your letter…
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Students laugh while substitute teacher reads to them

3 Books To Prepare Students for a Substitute Teacher

“Class, tomorrow you will have a substitute teacher.” These words have the power to bring out the worst or the best in students. For particularly little ones though, the absence of their regular teacher can elicit fear. To help students feel comfortable and to prepare them to be on their best behavior while you are…
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Substitute teacher reads at desk by chalkboard

Set Your New Substitute Up For Success

Imagine you’ve just had a sub accept a request to cover your classroom tomorrow. Great! Now you have peace of mind about taking the day off. As you look at the confirmation email though, you realize that you don’t recognize the name. It’s a new sub. You start to imagine how they may be feeling.…
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