Timing Is Everything

Sick teacher uses Tagg mobile in bed

Calling all teachers! Did you know that with Tagg over 95% of jobs get filled if the request is sent at least 12 hours in advance? Jobs that are sent the morning a sub is needed, on the other hand, have a 50% or less chance of being picked up. Timing is everything.

We know that sick days and emergencies happen. Sometimes the timing of your sub request is simply out of your control. On most days, however, planning ahead can make all the difference.

Sick Days

You will get sick at some point this year. This is an inevitable outcome of working in a school environment. Kids spread germs like wildfire. All it takes is a pair of poorly washed hands to take down the whole class, including you. While sickness may spread quickly, you typically can tell when you are coming down with something at least a day before it hits you full force. DON’T wait to schedule a sub until you wake up with a pounding headache and a burning throat. Not only will you not get a sub when one is most needed, but you will also put your students and faculty at risk for infection as well. Take care of them by taking care of yourself!

In-Service Days

Of course you know that you need to schedule vacation days far in advance. After all, you have to get approval before you can book that hotel! What about in-service days, though? It might seem silly to have to request a sub for a day that the school is making you take off, but someone has to cover your classroom while you’re away. Help out the sub coordinator by requesting a sub prior to the professional development event. This is particularly important for in-service days because there will be fewer staff than normal to cover your class if you can’t get a sub.

Personal Days

We get it. Everyone needs to take a personal day every now and then. Maybe a family member will be in town or perhaps you just need a mental health day. Either way, these are situations you can plan for. In the event that you have an appointment or commitment, request a sub as soon as you confirm dates. If you find yourself feeling physically and mentally drained, don’t ignore your exhaustion until you can’t anymore. Be proactive and make plans to take time off well before it’s necessary. Giving a sub just a day to respond greatly increases your chances of getting them in the door.

We know that managing a bunch of developing humans every day is no easy task. Some days, you may just need a break. Help your administrators and substitutes help you by giving them advanced notice when you won’t be in the classroom. Just one day means the difference between peace of mind and last minute panic over coverage.


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