Our Tagg Story: How it All Started

One Teacher’s Idea

Looking to pursue an interest in business, Trevor left the teaching profession in 2017. He didn’t, however, leave education completely. Instead, he used the same determination and passion to create a product that would help the very teachers he once worked with.

Having experienced it many times himself, Trevor knew the challenge teachers face to find a quality substitute teacher when they need it most. Whether it is for a doctors appointment or a family emergency, identifying a sub often means endless phone calls in the early hours of the morning.

An Idea is Born

At the time that he made his career shift, companies such as Uber and Lyft were harnessing the power of the gig-economy to use independent contractors for tasks as simple as driving. So Trevor thought, “why couldn’t this model also be applied to substitute teachers?”

Our Tagg Story: Trevor Miller

Thus, the idea for Tagg was born and development of a web app began. After assembling a small team, considering all the features, and revising the designs countless times, Tagg partnered with one of Colorado Springs largest districts to pilot the platform on select campuses.

Now Tagg is Helping Schools Every Day

Now Tagg supports over 34 schools by recruiting and managing a large pool of independent contractor substitutes they can draw from every day. Teachers no longer need to worry about taking time out for important reasons and they can trust that not a single school day is wasted for their students.

At Tagg, we envision a world where classes never go unstaffed, teachers always feel supported, and anyone can give back to their community through education.

Are you a school in need of more support? Learn more about how Tagg works here!


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