Tagg Helps Schools Find Long Term Subs

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Need a sub for longer than a day?

As you likely know by now, Tagg recruits and manages a large pool of independent contractor subs. Like Uber, we use the gig-economy model to make sure schools in your area never have to worry about shifting staff around or joining different classrooms together. Most of our partner schools primarily use Tagg to fill daily substitute vacancies, but did you know that Tagg can also help fill longer term teacher absences as well?

Recently, one of our partner schools had a teacher go on maternity leave much earlier than expected. The sudden absence left them scrambling to find a replacement when they thought of using Tagg in a different way than they were used to.

Request Long Term Subs Through Tagg

You see, Tagg recruits, background checks, and onboards subs on a continual basis. Going to Tagg for their long term sub needs as well as short term ones, just made sense. That’s because it costs about $20,000 to identify and hire a new teacher when one leaves.

From job board expenses to the significant time it takes HR to vet candidates and get them set up, the process of finding long term subs can be a serious drain on school resources. In a field where resources are limited, Tagg can be a great alternative.

After this school reached out to us about their dilemma, we were able to find a long term sub for them in less than 24 hours. Not only that, but this sub was incredibly qualified, holding a Masters Degree in Education and a Colorado Substitute License.

Tagg you find long term subs

She was happy to have a steady longer term position, as many of our subs are, and eager to get started. At this point, all the school had to do was create a long term request through Tagg and the sub would be paid automatically following each job. What could have been a few week process turned into a few hour one with the help of Tagg. That’s a win win for all.

Have you ever found yourself in this position? Let us know how we can help! Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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