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How Tagg Works

Tagg is a platform that helps people get substitute teaching requests from many schools. Think of it like Uber for substitute teaching. Jobs are sent out to all available subs at the same time (unless a specific sub is requested) and the first to accept gets the job.

You choose when to work, what schools to work at, and how much you are willing to work for. For this reason, you are a self-employed independent contractor (not an employee of Tagg).

You simply use Tagg to gain access to schools that rely on our software to request substitutes each day. Schools all across Colorado are utilizing Tagg on a daily basis. We are continually partnering with more schools throughout the year as well!

Why Sub Using Tagg?

No Previous Experience Required
All you need is a High School Diploma (or higher) and a background check.
Make Extra Money
Most schools pay over $120 a day (with a few paying up to $200 a day!)
Flexible Schedule
You choose which days you want to work and which schools to accept jobs from.
Give Back To Local Schools
Our schools are experiencing a sub shortage and teachers need your help!

Tagg Setup Checklist

Follow these steps in order:

1. Create a Tagg Account and Set Up a Substitute Profile (Est Time: 5 Minutes)

Register an account with Tagg at subs.taggeducation.com/register. After you register, you will receive an email invitation to begin setting up your profile. When you click the button in this email, our platform will guide you through your profile setup.
Or, if you already have a Tagg account as an employed sub for a school, simply click the “Sign Up As a Contractor Sub” button to launch contractor profile setup.
In the profile creation process, you will be asked to:

Select job notification preferences (text and/or email)
Select grades and subject preferences
Upload your official degree (required) and license (if you have one)
Set up payments (see more below)

2. Set Up Payments (Last Step in Profile Setup Above; Est Time: 5 Minutes)

On the last step in your profile setup you will be asked to set up payments via Stripe. Similar to PayPal, Stripe is a partner platform that we use to process payments. Important: Refer to the Stripe Setup Guide to do this correctly.

3. Electronically Sign Sub Documents (Est Time: 15 Minutes to read through)

After setting up your profile, you will receive an email containing forms that you will need to fill out digitally via HelloSign. These include a Sub User Agreement, a Criminal Background Check Waiver, and a few short written answer questions.

4. Complete a Fingerprint Background Check or Sub License (Est Time: 10 Minute appointment and results within 24 hours)

You will have access to multiple schools with Tagg, so we require all potential subs to go through a new fingerprint background check unless you have a 3 or 5 year sub license or teacher certification. Once you set up your sub profile, we will send an email with steps on how to complete fingerprints with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. If you have a license, please upload this to your profile instead.

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