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Payments, Taxes, and Independent Contractor Status

What does it mean that I am an independent contractor? Tagg is a web-based application that helps you get substitute teaching requests. Think of it like Uber for substitute teaching. Jobs are sent out to all available subs at the same time (unless a specific sub is requested) and the first to accept, gets it.…
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Substitute Payments

What is Stripe Much like PayPal, Stripe is one of the world’s leading payment platforms. Companies such as Target, Lyft, and Amazon use it to facilitate payments. Tagg partners with Stripe to ensure you are paid in a secure and timely fashion following each of your jobs. To read more about Stripe, you can visite:…
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School Payment Details

Payment Process   Setting Up Automatic Payments Go to “Schools” in the green menu bar on the left. Click on your school. Click on “view profile” at the bottom of your school information card. On the right side of your screen, Click “Add Payment Details”. You will then be asked to enter your account name and…
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