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Tagg Cancellation Policy

When substitutes cancel assignments at the last minute, it leaves our partner schools in a very difficult position. Normally, the school has to rush to find a replacement or they have to have teachers cover multiple classes. For this reason, we take cancellations very seriously at Tagg. Please make sure to brush up on our…
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Sub Training Manual

Tagg Sub Training Manual Have you been subbing through Tagg for a while or you are just looking around to see if you would be interested in substitute teaching? This sub training manual will give you a good look at what a day in the life of a sub looks like and what will be…
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What To Expect: 1099-MISC

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How Do My Taxes Work

For tax information, click the link below: Tagg Tax Process

Experiencing Difficulty Logging In or Viewing Pages

  Are you experiencing difficulty logging into your account or viewing certain pages? Here are a few quick tips that may help. Make Sure You Are On a Desktop or Laptop Computer Tagg is a web-based application and therefore works best on a computer rather than a mobile phone. Using a phone makes you more…
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What Should I Include In My Profile?

  What To Include In Your Profile If you’re wondering how to get more jobs, updating your profile is a great way to boost your request rates. Why? Teachers are more inclined to hire someone they feel comfortable with. They want to know who you are before you come into their classroom. Check out a…
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Why Can’t I See Jobs When I Login?

  You Snooze, You Lose Have you tried accepting a job via phone and thought it wasn’t working? If you do not receive a response after trying to claim a job via phone, this means the job has already been taken. Likewise, if after you log in to your account, the job is not in…
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Maximum Distance From Home

What is My Max Distance From Home? Your “Max Distance From Home” is how far you are willing to travel from your home address for a substitute teaching job. It is very important that you set this preference correctly because you may be impacting how many job requests you get. If you set your max…
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When Will I Get Paid?

When Will I Get Paid? Now let’s answer the question you really care about: “When will I get paid?”. The typical payment period takes between 14 to 19 days from the day the job occurred. First, it processes in Tagg for 7 days, then it will process in Stripe for an additional 7-12 days. The…
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Sub Metrics

  Metrics Here you’ll find some interesting statistics about your Tagg usage. Earnings in the Last Month- The amount you were paid in the current month Average Earnings Per Month- The average amount you are paid per month based off of all months worked Rating- Your average rating given by teachers during the current school…
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