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Viewing important metrics and meanings

To view interesting metrics about your Tagg experience, click “Metrics” in the green menu on you calendar homepage

On this page, you will see the following information:

  • Earnings in the Last Month – This is how much you made in total substitute teaching in the previous month
  • Average Earnings per Month – This is your monthly average income from substitute teaching based on the entire period that you have been using Tagg
  • Rating – This is your average star rating given by teachers and admin over the entire period that you have been using Tagg (see more about this below)
  • Number of Days Subbing – The total number of days you have subbed over the entire period you have been using Tagg
  • Number of Schools Worked For- This is the total number of our partner schools that you have worked at over the entire period you have been using Tagg
  • Favorite School – This is the school that you have subbed at most since you began using Tagg
  • Favorite Grade – This is the grade and subject that you have taught most since you began using Tagg

Star rating

Your Rating

After you complete a job, the teacher who made the request is asked to rate you. The rating is based on the following questions using a scale of “Not at all” to “Absolutely”:

  • Did your sub leave your classroom clean?
  • Was your sub prepared and on time?
  • Did your sub follow given instructions and manage your classroom well?
  • Were your students successful with your sub?
  • Did you enjoy your interactions with your sub?

All subs start out at a 3 star rating to begin with. Once you receive three reviews, your rating may change based on responses to represent an average of all the ratings you have received. Consistently low ratings is grounds for removal from the Tagg application.

Rating Schools

After you complete a job, you will be asked to review the school on the next login. Once you submit your review, you will be taken to the calendar homepage. Your responses are only viewable by Tagg, not by the school or other subs. Schools can see ratings if they request it from Tagg. 

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