10 Questions To Know For a Teacher Interview

Maybe you are a current Tagg sub interviewing for a full time position or perhaps you took a few years off to be home with your kids. Either way, knowing the answer to these 10 questions can help you prepare and give you the confidence you need when you sit down for your teacher interview.

Teaher Interview

Tell us about yourself?

This question is asked in just about every interview for every job. While it truly is a chance for the principal and admin to get to know you, it’s also an opportunity for them to assess your ability to communicate clearly. Make sure to think this through ahead of time and don’t overshare. Being prepared with a short description of who you are sets a great tone for the rest of the interview.

What does a typical day in your classroom look like?

While no one day in the classroom is the same, the interviewers are trying to see what your routines are. How do you start class? Do you assign individual and group work? What tricks do you use to get students attention? What are students expected to do before they leave? How do you monitor student progress? These are the types of things they want to know and using common educational language to explain your process will indicate that you know what you are doing.

What are some of your favorite classroom management strategies?

Speaking of getting students’ attention. One of the most important aspects of the teaching profession is classroom management. If you can’t keep your class in control, things can turn to utter chaos quickly. Make sure to highlight your favorite strategies here, like call and response techniques or silent queues, and describe how they have helped you in the past to keep students on track.

How would you handle challenging students?

Challenging students are inevitable. You will have trouble with particular students on a daily basis and the staff need to be assured that you know how to handle them. First, reiterate the schools discipline procedure, then describe how you would implement it. Outline the way you set expectations for your students and where you set boundaries.

How would you modify your teaching strategy to serve students of various learning styles and needs?

Every student is unique and has different needs. While some can simply follow along with the rest of the class, others may require a modified lesson in order to learn. Think about ways you would differentiate strategies for an english language learner or someone with a reading disability, for example, and communicate that.

What are some of the ways you would build relationships with your students?

Building relationships with students is important for gaining their trust. It’s much easier to teach students who have a good rapport with you than those that don’t. Do you greet them each morning at the door? Do you learn about their passions and encourage them? Do you reward their successes?

How would you handle difficult parents?

While this has nothing to do with the teaching itself, you will be dealing with parents on a regular bases as a full time teacher. Whether updating them on their child’s progress or meeting to address a behavioral concern, not all parents will handle themselves well. Be sure to address how you communicate with them and maintain your composure.

How do you feel about {insert school’s curriculum or teaching method}?

Schools have different teaching methods and curriculums. This is especially true if you are interviewing for a charter school or private school where they take pride in the educational philosophy they have established. Before your interview be sure to familiarize yourself with theirs and be ready to talk it up!

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a teacher?

This is another classic interview question. You can prepare for this one by actually asking your current or former supervisor what they think your greatest strengths and weaknesses are. If you let your interviewer know that you took the initiative to ask, they will see that you are always eager to improve.

What is your teaching statement?

If you haven’t heard of a teaching statement before, now is a great time to learn. This is an essential piece of any teaching interview and you don’t want to be caught without it. A teaching statement is an essay describing your teaching philosophy and how you apply your beliefs in the classroom. It should be brief and unique to you. You may answer things such as why you teach a certain way and what goals you have for yourself as an educator and for your classroom. Need help writing your teacher statement? Check out this helpful guide from Vanderbilt University.

While you can’t predict everything an admin or principal will ask you in a teaching interview, these questions are a great place to start. If you can answer these, then you are sure to stand out! If you have never taught before, but want to, Tagg is a great way to get your foot in the door at multiple schools. Many subs that use our platform get hired as full-time teachers. Learn more here!


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